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Edinburgh's Festival of Ireland


June 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone and you will be pleased to hear planning has started for Edinburgh's Festival of Ireland 2021. In the meantime here are some things of interest to help you through the lockdown.
Feile Comhaltas in Britain 2020
Feile Comhaltas in Britain 2020

Feile: Comhaltas in Britain

Hi everyone and here we are months into lockdown and maybe feeling a bit starved of live music, well Comhaltas na Breataine are having a virtual festival from 26th to 28th June and here is a link to it on their Facebook page.

Dublin Office

The Dublin Office of the Scottish Government is planning an online cultural programme running September to November with an Irish/Scottish focus. There will be lots of lively trad, spoken word and creativity to come. Planning at the minute! 

Strategic Review of Irish - Scottish Relations Contributions to this Scottish Government Review closed in December but we'll keep you posted when the Report comes out.

The Noble Call

This is a request to you from the Armagh Rhymers to answer the Noble Call and recite a poem in defiance of the virus and in solidarity with the creative spirit. Keeping in contact and hoping you are all well. It would be great if some of your talented staff could contribute to our project. 

Submit your poem: email -  Facebook - @armaghrhymers